Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Valentine Wreath

I have seen this wreath done with felt but I chose to use napkins instead. I think it's cheaper and easier to cut out.

I got this wreath and these napkins at Hobby Lobby. The wreath is 12x1-1/8" and the napkins are 25cm x 25 cm. I got two packages of 50 napkins.

Choose the size circle you would like to use. I used this painters tape as guide to cutting mine. I created about a 3" circle. I found that cutting 3 napkins out at a time worked nicely.
Scrunch the napkin around your finger. They look better if you scrunch them a lot so don't feel you have to be perfect.
Add some hot glue to the spot where the tip of your finger hits the center of the circle
Press against the Styrofoam for a few seconds
Finished product

This project took me about 3 hours to complete by myself. If you have someone to help cut out circles it would go much faster.

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  1. CUTE! Looks much easier using tissue paper. I'm going to have to make one!