Saturday, January 29, 2011

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I had this mirror from IKEA in my kids' bathroom for years but it wasn't doing it for me anymore so I decided to re purpose it. I took the hanging hooks off and sanded it down.
Then I removed the mirror (it wasn't hard, it was just hot glued on) and painted the wood an ivory color. Then I used a black stamp pad to shade the edges. My daughters room is black pink and white so I picked this paper to add to it. I just measured the frame and cut the paper out to the size I wanted. Then I used this spray adhesive I got from Michaels to adhere it to the frame. It worked great!
I used the chalkboard spray paint I had left over from another project on the mirror. It works fine just spraying straight on the glass. Then I glued the chalkboard square back into the frame, added some ribbon and it finished.

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