Friday, January 14, 2011

chalkboard containers

This project tried my patience. I bought these glass jars to hold my sugar, flour and brown sugar. They were so plain I wanted to do something fun with them. The ones I bought have these ribbed corners which was my biggest headache. I would recommend a jar that is smooth all the way around.

I cut out the design I wanted to paint onto my jars with my cricut. I used some left over vinyl so that it would stick to my jar.
Here is the jar ready to be painted
I put a plastic bag around to protect the rest of the jar. This chalkboard spray paint was VERY runny. I was not prepared for it. I have used chalkboard paint before but not in the can. I got the paint at Michaels.

You may want to do 2 coats of paint. The nice thing is that if you make a mistake you can scratch the paint off pretty easy so when you are writing with the chalk don't push too hard.

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