Friday, August 5, 2011

My Sister's Wedding

I'm BACK!!! It was a great 2 week vacation but too much driving. 37 hours to be exact. Add 4 kids and being prego makes it exhausting. I am happy to say that the wedding was great. Everything went smoothly thanks to all the help we had. This house we had the reception at was beautiful. You can see from the pictures the view of Folsom lake in California. It was so big though that I could barely walk the next day from all the running around trying to make sure things were going great at all the stations. Maybe a smaller venue would be easier.

Pin wheels and sunflowers. Very simple.

The cake has hard orange candy I made on the outside. It took about 6 batches! My mom's friend made the cake and then shattered the candy and literally threw it at the cake.

Thumbprints from all the guests make up the balloons

These next few pictures were taken by the talented Annette from Little Gems Photography. She happens to be my aunt. She captures the feel of the reception better than my pics.

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  1. your blog should be called cookingcardmakingcraftsandweddings.

    or just become a wedding planner. either way.