Friday, June 3, 2011

Teacher gifts

Why does this ALWAYS sneak up on me? I am never prepared for teacher gifts for holidays OR the last week of school. Yes the easy route for me would be to give them flowers (since my hubby is in the flower business) but somehow I even forget to have him bring me home some flowers. Luckily this week I was prepared with some gifts on hand. I like to keep a cupboard stocked with random gifts I can grab in a hurry. Whenever I see things on sale I get them and put them away. Today I grabbed some hand made soaps (not by me...someday:) and these cute little window boxes I got from the container store. Yes I finally live near one which I am so psyched about. Anyway not really homemade but at least I was prepared! If you have good ideas to stock up on let me know!

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